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Siabann Shampoo Bars Launching October 2019!

Siabann Shampoo Bars   Launching October 2019!

The question I been asked most, over the past few months is, “when are you doing a shampoo bar?”

The rise of the popularity of shampoo bars has come from an increased awareness about the use of plastics and our ability to reduce or eliminate them from our day to day lives. 

A shampoo bar can take the place of 3-4 bottles of shampoo! 

These amazing little bars are perfect options for travel and it gives your hair a chance to thrive without the use of silicones, parabens or palm oil. 

As well as cleaning your hair beautifully, the use of gorgeous oils and butters gives your hair a really intense conditioning treatment.   

I have spent the past few months formulating Siabann’s own Shampoo bar.  I have experimented with different oils and butters in different proportions and combinations to find a balance that cleans and moisturises, without the use of palm oil or any artificial foaming agents. 

I have also added a special treat in the form of luxurious Panthenol.  This is Vitamin B5 and it softens, strengthens and adds shine to your hair.


I have decided to offer them in 2 of our most popular fragrances- Juniper & Lime  and Lavender & Geranium.  They will be packaged in recyclable Aluminium tins and refill bars will be available our website.

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