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Hidden Gems: The Beauty of Travelling in Scotland

Hidden Gems: The Beauty of Travelling in Scotland

Scotland has many hidden gems. The winding mountains, the mysterious lochs, the fairy glens; no matter where you wander, you will come across something magical.

That’s the beauty of Scotland and that’s what I wanted to capture with Siabann. Every product I make is handmade, vegan and inspired by the scenery around this beautiful country.

Let’s take a trip around the Scottish landscape together. Here are some hidden gems, off-the-beaten-track where you will experience the true sense of this fair country.


The stunning scenery of the Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is known for its rugged landscapes and dramatic scenery. Climb the Old Man of Storr or venture further north to Portree for a walk along the fishing harbour. In the North-West of Skye, not far from Portree you’ll find a beautiful boutique B&B called Abhaig. The rooms are simply beautiful with a real touch of luxury - and set in the most tranquil spot imaginable. If you stay here, you’ll find slippers, robes, homemade treats and a selection of our handmade Scottish soaps too. What’s not to love?

The Coastal Village of Gullane

In East Lothian, the coastal village of Gullane, is worth a visit. With beaches that stretch for miles and a golf course with views over the sea, you couldn’t find a better spot. Take a walk into the heart of the village and you might stumble across The Bonnie Badger. It’s a stylish hotel and pub where Chef Tom Kitchin and his team, work under the ethos of 'From Nature to Plate’. Just like Siabann, he is inspired by the wildness of Scotland and all the land has to offer. That’s why they use Siabann's handmade soaps in the bathrooms and products in the bedrooms - it’s not just ‘Nature to Plate’, but also to ‘Nature to you’.


Savour the Seafood in Elie

Scotland is not only famous for its landscape but also its food. Waters brimming with fish and shellfish, you can find the most incredible seafood at The Ship Inn at Elie. Naturally, everything is freshly caught and locally supplied, so you know you’re in for a treat. The Ship Inn is particularly famous for its fish and chips. Once you’ve had your fill, you might need to stay a few nights in their beautiful sea-view rooms - some of which are also dog-friendly. Here at Siabann, we love dogs too but we don’t make soap for pets. I suppose the closest thing would be beard oil for men... but I’m not sure if it would smooth an unruly dog coat, as it’s never been tested on animals (we don’t do that at Siabann). We are 100% cruelty-free, vegan and organic. Let’s keep the blend of juniper, lime & cedarwood beard oil for the humans in our life ;)


Live with the Fairies in the Woods

Scottish people like to spin a tale of folklore. You don’t have to wander far before hearing about fairies in the glen, kelpies in the sea, or haggis roaming the mountains. Why not embrace the legends and live amongst the fairies. Another one of our partners, The Treehouses at Lanrick provides the perfect escape from normality. With eco-friendly, luxury treehouses, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into another world; a world filled with nature, wildlife and delicate fragrances. You’ll also find our Scottish eco-friendly products in every treehouse; so it’s truly a “step above” the rest...


This is exactly why I created Siabann: to protect this beautiful landscape and preserve it as best I can. All our homemade soaps come in recyclable PET plastic bottles, so when you’ve used every last drop, you can refill with our liquid handsoap refill pouches.

With Siabann, you can take home a piece of Scotland.

The fragrance of lavender on a summer’s day; the deep purples of the mountains; the serenity and tranquillity of the lochs. With every scoosh of soap or handcream, you’ll be transported back to your travels and the wonders of Scotland.

Shop our handmade Scottish toiletries here and bring home a piece of your travels.




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